I’m Jennifer King, a professional hair stylist based in Atlanta, GA.

I’m also a mom, an inventor, and someone who’s passionate about you wearing the hair

you need to confidently walk into any room.

I invented Snap Weave in other to solve most problems we women experience in terms of time consuming and recurring expenses involved in wearing hair extensions. I also believe in options this is why I launched jennifer king hair to give those who are well accustomed to traditional weaving techniques a great opportunity to experience how a real human being hair should feel like.

We do not grade our hair because there’s only two things in any philosophy. Is either 100% real hair or hair mixed with other fibers.

Jennifer King Hair is the same luxurious hair we use in making our Snap weave hair products. Our hair was rated the #1 most luxurious and premium quality hair by consumer’s.To top your confident in shopping with us, we’re giving you upto 30 days hassle free return for a full exchange or a refund.

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